Garden Sheds and Timber Buildings

The addition of a garden shed could provide much needed additional storage space for all manner of garden tools/ outdoor equipment. But lurking under that unassuming exterior is a wealth of options just waiting to be explored and implemented. Possible alternatives include: Garden room, Workshop, Pet kennel/shelter, Home office/ business space, Music room/ art studio/ craftroom, Children’s Play House

We manufacture, supply and install sheds and timber buildings, offering a base to build service. Our emphasis is to build timber buildings the best way we possibly can. For example:-

Pre- pressure treated timber that is sprayed to last.

We can use any framing size required.  Our standard framing is 2inch x 2inch, the norm is 1 ½ x 1 or 1 ½ x ½ .

Being able to construct the base on site, we can ensure that the base is perfectly level from day one. We use heavy duty pre –treated timbers that allow air to pass underneath to keep damp away. We also take 2 further steps by using weed control membrane underneath the base to prevent weeds, also a water proof lining in between the base and the floor to really keep damp away. The majority of bases are secured to the ground using 4×4 treated posts and 18inchs of concrete.

We also take extra care to make sure all roofs have the extra thick mineral felt rather than standard. There are also many further options that can be explored with roofing and waterproofing aids based on individual requrements.

Please call Neil on 07968 366 191 for further details.

All sheds can come in a variety of cladding options. 14mm shiplap, 14mm tongue and groove and close board. These can come ready painted or just left plain.

Apex Sheds

Apex Sheds

Apex sheds are pitched roof sheds that are available in a variety of sizes to suit needs and wants. Some prefer an apex type shed as it can offer more headroom and give the appearance of being bigger than it actually is.

Pent Sheds

Pent Sheds

Pent sheds are a continuous sloping roof shed often going from high to low to ensure sufficient water run- off. One advantage of a pent shed is that it can appear less obtrusive, blending in with its surrounding environment.

Apex Sheds

Made to Measure Timber Buildings

Made to measure timber buildings are great for getting the ‘outside the box’ result. These buildings can incorporate many additional features built within the structure or added externally.

For example a decking area for sitting, French doors, decorative windows, log store, guttering and water storage collection and much, much more.

Timber buildings are a great way of really using an area to its full potential, incorporating family fun with storage. As a result, the addition of a timber building can really help bring the home and garden together.