Timber Fencing

The addition of a timber fence is an attractive, economical solution to create privacy and added security.  We are pleased to offer a professional, year round service with the commitment to provide high quality fencing solutions come rain or shine.  All timber is pressure treated and includes a manufacturer warranty of up to 15 years.  In addition, if desired all timber posts can be treated with a bitumen seal.

Feather Edge Fencing

Made To Measure Feather Edge Fencing

Made to measure Feather edge fencing is an excellent choice for any garden including the more bespoke projects as it is extremely durable and adaptable. With its attractive vertical timbers it can enhance any garden or boundary in addition to offering excellent security and privacy. Feather edge fences can be built to various heights starting as low 3ft and up to 7ft high.  Individual feather boards can be cut at different levels of thickness and varying widths allowing for optimum strength. An additional feature is the placement of a middle rail to offer further protection against high winds and severe weather. Feather edge fencing can include a finished rail and gravel board, and can be treated with a wood stain or preservative to further enhance the look of the fence and offer additional protection.

Picket Fencing

Picket Fencing

Picket fencing creates an attractive, less imposing boundary fence. Its spacing between boards allows for light to pass through and doesn’t completely block views. The spacing also allows for wind to pass through making picket fences ideal for windy areas.  Picket style fencing is a popular choice when a property requires a boundary around existing features such as a swimming pool, or pond.

Timber Fencing

Traditional Timber Panels

A Traditional Panel is an effective and classic choice for creating a boundary or adding extra privacy to any garden.  The panels look great from both sides so are ideal when used as a boundary fence between properties. Traditional panels come in a variety of sizes including; 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft panels.  Traditional panels can be supported using a concrete slotted post, timber post or uPVC post. The bottoms of the panels are best protected when a timber, concrete or uPVC gravel board is incorporated.  To add an additional decorative touch the panels can be topped with trellis.

Decorative Fencing

Decorative Panels

Decorative Panels are a real eye-catcher and are often used at the front and rear of properties.  Incorporating unique designs with an identical appearance on either side, decorative panels are a step up from the more traditional panels and can help achieve a look of distinction in the garden.  The panels can be supported using a concrete slotted post, timber post or uPVC post. The bottoms of the panels are best protected when a timber, concrete or uPVC gravel board is incorporated. With the many options available decorative fencing panels are a stylish solution in garden fencing.

Alternatives to Traditional Timber Fencing

Willow Fencing

Willow and Hazel Hurdles

Willow and hazel hurdles offer an ideal solution when going for a natural look that is sympathetic to the existing environment.  In longer stretches they can be assembled next to each other giving the impression they are seamless. The longer stretches must have posts concreted into holes dug to a depth of at least 2ft. The all natural handmade hurdles work well when used as screening to partition off unsightly areas of the garden such as oil/gas tanks, compost areas, recycling areas, or storage areas.  When growing a hedge from saplings, hurdles can be placed temporarily in front of the hedge to maintain privacy whilst waiting for the hedge to grow.  They can then be easily removed once the hedge has reached its desired height.

Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo Fencing

Suitable for all gardens from rural to urban, bamboo is a contemporary, all natural, sustainable and durable alternative to traditional timber fencing.  It can also be considered an eco friendly product as the Bamboo can re-grow several times from the same root.

When building a Bamboo fence it is important to remember to keep it off the ground by placing it on a pressure treated gravel board, Painting the Bamboo with a linseed oil will offer protection and longevity against the elements