uPVC Fencing Systems

Offering an alternative to timber, uPVC fencing is a fantastic product to consider when enhancing a property with a new fence. Whether it’s a security/privacy fence, paddock or picket style fence uPVC can offer a versatile and attractive solution.

uPVC Fencing Panels

uPVC fencing is installed in a similar style to timber fencing, making use of a post and gravel board system.  The uPVC systems come in a choice of colours and designs making it easy to find the perfect fit for any garden. They can also be mixed and matched with timber fence panels for an attractive bespoke installation with a traditional feel.  Accessories such as decorative post caps and lamps can also be incorporated to add an additional personal touch.

Despite its lightweight design, uPVC fencing is sturdy, durable, long lasting and completely waterproof. Unlike traditional timber fencing uPVC doesn’t rot, chip, corrode or require painting, resulting in little to no regular maintenance.  Occasional cleaning may be necessary, but can easily be accomplished with a little soap and water.

The products used are made from 88% recycled, 100% lead free uPVC. This is good news for both the environment and the customer.  uPVC fencing  is fully and easily recyclable should the need arise.

The many benefits of uPVC, as well as its versatility make it worthy of consideration when planning a new fence. Innovative uPVC provides a long lasting, durable, economical, low maintenance solution in garden fencing.

uPVC fencing can be adapted to suit any fencing requirement including the following:

  • Traditional Fencing (Secuity, Privacy)
  • Decorative Fencing (picket, post and chain)
  • Paddock fencing
  • Combination uPVC and Timber Fencing (posts and gravel boards with timber panels).